Our Commitment

Purity Flexpack Limited recognizes the importance of giving back to its community and environment

Several donations are made to a variety of institutions in the State of Gujarat towards personal development and therapy for the mentally challenged children, as well as, providing good education to those children who are visually impaired.

For over 30 years, the company has been actively involved in 'saving the planet' by conducting several agricultural activities on site, increased clean energy projects such as solar system installations and regular new tree plantations.

Harnessing solar power as a renewable energy source is consistent with our commitment to environmental responsibility. We are on a journey to reducing our impact on the environment.


Compostable & Recyclable Packaging

BPI certified & made from plant materials such as polyactic acid (PLA), our compostable pouches break down into non-toxic components and the non-toxic residue can be cycled back into the soil to safely support plant life.


Recyclable pouches

Sustainable packaging has become an important topic. Flexible packaging exerts less of an overall impact on the environment than most other types of packaging (see “source reduction” statistics below), but a downside of flexible packaging is that much of it isn’t easily recyclable. We provide mono-material structure based laminates to ensure recyclability and environment friendy solution.

  • Provide recyclability without compromising durability or resealability.
  • Exude a distinctive look and feel that eco-conscious consumers recognize.
  • Reinforce the image of environmentally responsible brands.