PURITY FLEXPACK LIMITED offers an excellent range of Rotogravure printed pouches, specially designed to meet the stringent quality standards of various industries. With our inhouse team of professionals and the use of advanced machinery, we produce superior quality printed/unprinted pouches packaging like centre seal pouches, 3 side seal pouches, vacuum pouches, Central Seal pouches, flat bottom standup pouches, quad seal puches, penta seal pouches, box pouches, standup pouches, window pouches, shape pouches, etc. at our facility. Understanding the value of today's customer requirements, We constantly strive to meet diverse demands.

Category Packaging Products Pouch types
Frozen Food and Vacuum Products Frozen seafood, Crab sticks, Sausages, Dry Fruits, Ice cream etc. Vacuum bag, Standing Pouch, 3 Side Seal, Shape Pouches, etc.
Powder Products Flour, Milk Powder, Artificial Cream etc. 3 Side seal, Gusset Pouch, etc.
Liquid Products Vegetable oil, Fabric Softener, Pesticide, Body Shampoo etc. Standing Pouch, Zipper Bag, Shape Pouches, etc.
Instant Noodle Products Instant Noodles Center Seal, Gusset Bag, etc.
Agriculture Products Insecticide, Fungicide, Nematicide, Rice, Sugar Seeds etc. Center Seal, 3 Side Seal, Shape Pouches, etc.
Chemical Products Food Coloring, Fertilizer etc. Center Seal, 3 Side Seal, Gusset Pouch, Standing Pouch, etc.
Snack Food Products Namkeen, Noodles, Pasta, Potato Chips etc. Center Seal, Side Gusset, Flat Bottom standup Pouch, Shape Pouches, etc.
Bread and Confectionery Cake, Cream Roll, Candy, Chocolate etc. 3 Side Seal, Central Seal, Side Gusset, Shape Pouches, Flat Bottol Standup Pouch, etc.
Retort Products Curry, Aloe Vera, Rice, Ready-To-Eat Food etc. 3 Side Seal, Center Seal, Standing Pouch, etc.
Pharmaceutical Tablets and powder, Nutrition powder, etc. 3 Side Seal, Center Seal, Shape Pouches, Standing Pouch, etc.