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Tear Notch

A convenient pouch design featuring a perforated top for tamper proof evidence and a convenient opening process.

  • Custom pouch design
  • Perforated top
  • Ideal for packaging loose food products
Add On Feature Images
Add On Feature Images

Child Resistant Zipper

Fresh-Lock Child-Resistant Zippers help to inhibit product access from children under five while providing full reclosability for adults.

  • Reduces the risk of accidental ingestion of harmful products by small children
  • Hard to open in normal way
  • Slide to width direction and open

D Cut / Hang Hole

Designed specially to offer a responsible and eco-conscious solution for carrying product.

  • Flexible handle
  • Cost effective
Add On Feature Images
Add On Feature Images

Laser Scoring

Laser scoring allows packages to be opened effortlessly, resulting in higher consumer satisfaction and allowing brands to outperform competitors with inferior packaging.

  • Every second counts for certain medical applications
  • Precise tear — without sacrificing package

Pocket Zipper

Pocket zipper is even when opening the pouch, excellent in pouch design because the upper part of the bag remains. It is a new shaped pouch with one-side structure and a pocket open.

  • Easy Open, Tab pulled off over zipper, No need to use scissors
  • Easy top filling behind the zipper
Add On Feature Images
Add On Feature Images

Plastic / Tread Handle

Plastic bags with handles are made to fit the user's needs

  • Reducing, reusing and recycling plastic bags
  • Easy to carry bulk packing

Registered Matt / Gloss Print

C-P Flexible Packaging’s advanced printing capabilities allow us to tackle complex artwork with registered matte/gloss effects. While some converters struggle with this technique, leading brands trust us for enhanced matte/gloss printing effects that are incredibly effective at drawing in consumers.

  • Provides packaging with a three-dimensional look
  • More consumer engagement; consumers are more likely to pick up the package to view the matte/gloss effects from different angles, making your package memorable and boosting brand recognition
  • Glossy areas highlight features/graphics to be emphasized
  • Increases perceived product quality and value
  • Massive shelf impact
Add On Feature Images
Add On Feature Images

Velcro Zipper

Velcro zippers have hook-and-loop fasteners ensuring proper resealing. It can prevent moisture, oxygen, and pollutants from entering the pouch after the pouch is opened.

  • Preventing unwanted leaks and spills
  • Resealable to maintain product freshness

Register Window Metalised/ Die-Cut Window

there are certain products, like dry fruits, Namkeens, Snacks, etc, that needed a packaging which could show their visibility and quality. Such packaging enhances the brand image and creates a tempting sensation for a consumer. One such packaging solution is Window Pouches with registered window feature that enables to show off your product while maintaining the freshness, aroma & flavour intact inside the packaged pouch.

  • Laminate structure flexibility such as Kraft Paper with Window, Met PET/ Poly with window etc.
  • Customized Printing with window
  • Size & colour Flexibility
  • Window with any design as per your requirement
Add On Feature Images
Add On Feature Images

Security Ink Printing

True beauty has a depth to it that goes below the surface. From decorative printing to high-quality coatings, our effect pigments have been helping make the world a more colorful and functional place. It acts as an instant authentication tool and is also end user friendly, as no separate device is required for authentication.

Holographic Laminate

Holography offers realistic 3D visualization and an immersive experience. It has versatile entertainment, research, security, and data storage applications. Holography provides secure identification features that are difficult to counterfeit. Holograms can be viewed interactively from different angles, preserving accurate 3D holographic information.

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